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  • Political Poopers Launch in Preparation for National Conventions

    Nov 2, 2012 - Political Poopers appear on The View!  Barbara Walters and Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a blast playing with them.  Check out the video:

    If you think the candidates are full of it – you’re right! Just wind these little guys up and watch them GO! Political Poopers are the must-have collector’s item for the 2012 presidential race to the White House (or the Outhouse)!

    We don’t know yet who’ll be number one – for now we’re more concerned about number two.  The wind-up toys of grinning Republican Candidate Mitt Romney and Presidential Incumbent Barack Obama come with red, white and blue candy treats. Pop open a secret hatch on the back of their head, fill with the candy, wind them up and watch them GO! Hold your own race by pitting the candidates against each other in a wind-up poop-off.

    We won’t know ‘til November who will win in the election, but we will be releasing our own polling numbers up until Election Day showing which figure is the most “poop-ular.”  Whether you’re rooting for the Republican or Democratic Party – just remember – every Party needs a Pooper!

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